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學術報告:Flexible Electronics for electronic skin: from nanomaterials to system
發表日期:2020年11月4日 閱讀:134


地  點:祥聯廳


開始時間:2020-11-05  10:30

報告內容簡介:As a typical flexible and soft electronic system, electronic skin requires abrupt development in various aspects including functional materials, material processing, device fabrication and interface control. In this talk, I will speak about our recent research on scalable exfoliation of 2D semiconductors including graphene and MoS2 sheets, conductive inks, solution-phase film deposition, field-effect transistors with carbon nanotubes and graphene, printed interconnects with nano-composites, and finally our attempt on the development of electronic skin。

報告人簡介:黃志高教授/博士,第四屆高等學校教學名師獎,第三批“萬人計劃”教學名師,福建師范大學凝聚態物理博士點帶頭人、福建省物理學高原學科帶頭人、福建省量子調控與新能源材料重點實驗室主任,曾任教育部實驗教學指導委員會委員。重點開展先進材料設計、鋰離子電池等研究,先后主持或參與18項國家973子課題、國家自然科學基金、福建省自然科學基金重點項目等科研項目。先后在ACS Nano、Adv. Mater.、Small、Phys. Rev. B、ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces、J. Power Sources、等國內外權威刊物發表290多篇論文,其中SCI收錄270多篇,被他引頻次總計3500多次,H因子34。