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發表日期:2017年2月24日 閱讀:1937


演講人:徐敬文教授,IEEE fellow


講座內容Dispersion is a physical phenomenon which states that?signals of?different frequencies to suffer different time delays. As a result,?a wave package of signal having different frequencies will be distorted after it propagates through a finite length of a medium. Thus, dispersive?effect is generally treated as an undesirable noise in most microwave communications.

In this presentation, we elaborate on the dispersive microstrip?transmission?lines whose dispersion behavior is controllable. Some basic microstrip dispersive lines featured with controllable dispersion and all-pass characteristic will be presented. The plausible applications to microwave analog signal processing including TDMA and FDMA will be addressed. These schemes are generally feasible in the baseband signal processing arenas and we bring it up to RF frequency. The other possible application to microwave radar pulse amplification will also be discussed.


???????????徐敬文教授目前系IEEE fellow, 臺灣科技大學電子工程系講座教授,臺灣內政部、經濟部、交通部、教育部、國科會、NCC等科技計劃評審委員。曾任美國貝爾(AT&T Bell)實驗室研究員,臺灣科技大學電子工程系主任。研究方向包括無線通信、電磁波工程、前瞻電磁理論等。